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    Speaking Engagements

    Dr. Goldstein lectures on a variety of topics related to parenting, teacher support, and practical tools for fostering learning and social-emotional development. Popular topics include:

    • The Antidote for Post-COVID Stress
    • Mental Health Peer Support Amongst Teens
    • Practical Tools For Educators Facing Mental Health Challenges In The Classroom
    • How To Foster Self-Esteem and Resilience In Childhood and Adolescence
    • Practicing Mindful Parenting: Reducing Parental Stress
    • Social Media, Teens, and Self Esteem
    • Understanding Teenager Stress and What To Do About It
    • Improving Family Communication
    • Advocating For Your Child: Navigating School Support Services
    • What is Executive Functioning: How to Help Children Become Effective Learners
    • Skill Building to Address Depression
    • Supporting the Child with ADHD
    • Managing The Push-And-Pull of Homework